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Forskning og bridge

Silicon Valley Bridge

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Forskning og bridge

Bridge børn bliver bare bedre

Dr. Christopher Shaw, en forsker fra Carlinville, Ill., offentliggjorde fornyligt en rapport som viser at børn som spiller bridge opnår bedre resultater i standard tests end ikke-bridgespillende børn. Undersøgelsen anvendte “The Iowa Test of Basic Skill (ITBS)” som tester fem separate undervisningsområder:

“This test structure and scoring scale allowed a comparison of the performance of five non-bridge groups of students to one test group of bridge playing students on all five subjects. The database tracked the scores over three years to see how much gain the two groups made.
The standardized testing schedule in the Carlinville schools has the kids taking the ITBS in September of 5th grade, April of 6th grade and April of
7th grade. Thus, the entire 5th grade in 2001-02 was tested before the bridge playing group learned how to play bridge. They were all tested 20
months later as 6th graders and again 32 months later as 7th graders. The standardized testing program used the same scoring scale for all three tests.”